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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where to be during Coffee Week

I was going to suggest going to Coffee Creek* during Coffee Week. But then I read what Coffee Week was and discovered it is, first of all, only occurring in the UK, and second of all, it's quite an important event and I wouldn't want to encourage anyone to be anywhere but at their favorite UK cafe that week. Read all about it in this event announcement found on

Allegra Foundation is very proud to announce the launch of the first ever UK Coffee Week™ between 27 September – 3 October 2010. [Oops, they're postponing it until next spring!]

UK Coffee Week™ will be an annual programme to promote the success and vibrancy of the UK coffee and foodservice sector.

It provides a valuable opportunity for the coffee industry and consumers to give back to an extremely worthy cause. Money raised during UK Coffee Week™ will help raise awareness and benefit Project Waterfall – an initiative to provide clean drinking water and education to underprivileged communities in African coffee producing countries.

100% of all customer donations will go directly to fund Project Waterfall.

UK Coffee Week™ will incorporate various in-store and regional activities around the UK. We hope to raise up to £1 million with your help.

*But if you want to go to Coffee Creek in the meantime, I'm providing a map:

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