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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gift for coffee lovers - part 4

If you want to make a really big impression with the coffee lover on your list, how about giving them a coffee shop chain?

Caribou Coffee in Minnesota is off the market, I'm afraid, now that they have been acquired by JAB of Germany, but there's an obvious opportunity left: Tully's.

The Tully's brand, which includes 57 company-run stores and about 70 franchised or licensed stores, filed for bankruptcy this year and has been receiving bids for purchase. None have been accepted, yet, so there's still time for you to step in and snap it up!

The current bidder is Baristas, a drive-through coffee chain operating so-called "bikini barista" stands. But with total net income of $110,000, I believe the offer is just a short watery decaf.

So with Christmas only one week away, act now!

If you can't afford a coffee shop chain, think about a copy of Driven to Espresso. At $19.95, it's supremely affordable and will probably outlive any coffee shop you might purchase anyway.


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