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Monday, February 08, 2010

Could be a little more to it than this

A recent blog I read suggests that opening and operating a coffee stand is pretty simple. According to the author you just need a street corner with some traffic, a special blend of coffee, and some employees. It also says you can even build the stand yourself to save money. It even has a simple idea of why you might want to open one--coffee is your favorite drink, so of course you want your own coffee shop! Really? Well, if you are a coffee stand owner, or have been planning one, you can probably add some more reasons, advice, and requirements from your own experience.

There are many reliable sources of information for starting and running a coffee stand and I advise people who are considering doing that to do lots of research and maybe hire a consultant who has a track record of helping to start successful stands. If you can find someone who has experience in your specific location, all the better--although if you live outside the Northwest, that may not be possible.

In addition to researching the structural, business, legal, financial, and other requirements, you could use Driven to Espresso to help you think "outside the box" when it comes to the style of architecture you choose. These days, a simple "box" may not be enough to grab the attention of the passersby.

I get asked now and then to recommend consultants, architects, builders, etc. but I am sorry to say I don't have very direct experience in starting or running a stand myself. There were some key individuals who helped me write my book, and their names are included in the book. They naturally welcome inquiries, and I can say that I think they are some of the best experts in the field, for what it's worth. They certainly know more than the blogger I mentioned above!


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