Driven to Espresso: Drive-through Coffee Stands in the Northwest

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coffee consumption up, as are prices

Despite this year's rapid rise in coffee prices, coffee consumption is up a couple percentage points to a new record high. As a matter of fact, demand has grown about 2.5% per year during the past decade.

Earlier this month, according to, arabica coffee hit a 34-year peak of $3.089 a pound. Commodities analysts expect prices to continue to rise for several months, but should start to fall next year.

This week, two coffee sellers raised their prices. Starbucks increased packaged-coffee prices by 17%, and J M Smuckers raised wholesale prices by 11%.


Anonymous Robert said...

Nice info! In my home town the coffee shop down the street business has increased as well.

5/29/11, 11:05 PM  

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