Driven to Espresso: Drive-through Coffee Stands in the Northwest

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Say no to coffee commuter mugs! Say no to Starbucks gift cards!

You probably love coffee, if you've come to this blog. And you probably know other folks who love coffee, too. And it's a traditional time of year for gift-giving.

But you aren't really thinking of giving your coffee-lover another mug or commuter cup, are you?

Here's a suggestion from The Stranger newspaper in Seattle:

Driven to Espresso "... would make a wonderful gift for someone who doesn’t live in the Northwest but who thinks coffee is cool. Or someone who misses fishing shacks."

Or, as The Bloomsbury Review put it, "Just the ticket for java lovers and the architecturally curious."

Order a copy (at least one, but why not several?) of Driven to Espresso on today!


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