Driven to Espresso: Drive-through Coffee Stands in the Northwest

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

7 reasons to start a drive-through coffee stand instead of a cafe

1) Much less investment. The average is around $50,000, but can be lower. So the return on investment is much higher, it's easier to get a bank loan, and faster to pay it off.
2) Lower operating costs. No big room to heat, no wi-fi network to pay for, no parking lot to maintain, etc.
3) Can operate it and manage with an owner who is also the barista. It's possible to run the business with virtually no employees.
4) Easier to locate due to size. Most drive-throughs are simply leasing a small part of another business's parking lot. And wherever they are located, they are small. Some of them have only one-sided drive-ups, which makes their required space even less.
5) Can be moved. If you choose a bad location, it is easy to build a stand that can be picked up and moved.
6) Can focus on basics of making coffee, rather than comfy surroundings. No need for coordinating artists who want to hang their art on your walls, no need to provide and clean a restroom for customers, no need to clean up after customers' messiness.
7) No need to accommodate customers who aren’t really customers, but just like to write their blogs while sitting in your cushy chairs.


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