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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coffee with a purpose

I have read in several articles that the coffee industry is recession-proof. Even during the recent rise in wholesale and retail coffee prices, consumption has increased. This is a remarkable testimony to the depth of our need for coffee.

So, it is not at all surprising to me to see new coffee stands still popping up in the Northwest. I recently passed one in Enumclaw. After driving a few blocks past it, I had to turn around and drive back to it. The sign on the stand said Mission Creek Coffee - Coffee with a Purpose, and I just had to know what the purpose was!

It turned out that one of the owners, Walt Pulliam, was there and happily outlined his goals for the business.

Mission Creek Coffee is donating five cents to Fisher House for every cup of coffee-based drink, tea drink, or blended drink that they sell. Fisher House is a nationwide nonprofit organization that helps military families by providing a home away from home for families of patients receiving medical care at major military and Veterans Administration medical centers. You could compare the Fisher Houses with Ronald McDonald houses in some respects. Mission Creek Coffee is helping with the Seattle location in particular. Besides the monetary donation they are making, they also provide coffee, a coffee blend of their own that comes from Wilkeson’s Buono Coffee Company.

Mission Creek Coffee has the goal of opening more coffee stands that will be adjacent to military bases with military spouses as primary candidates for baristas. Walt says, "We are also looking for a charity that deals with homeless women veterans with kids. The need is increasing, and to date we have not heard of one nor found one through our online searches." I am sure he would appreciate an email if you know of one.

To learn more about Fisher House you can visit their website.

Mission Creek Coffee is located at the corner of Farman Road and state Route 410 in Enumclaw.

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