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Friday, July 17, 2009

University Bookstore

The University Bookstore is the latest retailer who has agreed to carry Driven to Espresso. Look for it at any of their 5 locations in the near future.

The book's publication date is July 20th and to celebrate, I held a small party at Espresso Vivace on Yale Ave in Seattle. Sadly, it was not well attended, but at least all the many people who were invited now know about the book and that was the main point. One of the folks who attended was Gabe Berg, whose family owns the Hotspot Coffee stand shown on the cover. Here's a photo of his father, Michael Berg, and Gunther (the dog), who helped me get the great shot I ultimately put on the cover.

Here's a flash news item! Hotspot Coffee is moving. The new location will be somewhere in Seattle, but the date and exact location is not known at this time. This is an example of the ephemeral nature of drive-throughs and points out why I did not make my book a guide book. It is accepted that the book will be dated in short order. This is not a bad thing. I have always viewed my book as a sort of historical snapshot.

By the way, the Bergs have just opened an ice cream shop in the University District called Pretty Kitty. They serve excellent organic ice cream (and of course espresso)! Look for them in the Cedars restaurant building next to Walgreens on 50th St.

Thanks to all those who have purchased Driven to Espresso!


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