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Monday, August 10, 2009

Wake up and smell the coffee. Really.

I read about a recent study of the aroma of coffee as it relates to mRNA molecules... you know. mRNA molecules. Surely you know what those are. No?

Oh, man, you gotta love those scientists. They aren't actually saying so, seeing how they conducted this study on rat brains, but it is tempting to draw the conclusion from their report in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that just smelling your coffee can get you going in the morning. If you want the real story, though, check it out.

The underlying methodology for this study relates to sleep deprivation, and because they used rats, I'm just wondering what the technique is for depriving rats of their sleep. I'm picturing unpaid college students staying up all night waiting for rats to close their eyes and then nudging them, saying, "Hey, wake up!"


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